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Who doesn’t enjoy a festival
 or a great event  like a flower and garden show ( what allergies),  maybe  car show events with lots of chrome and  paste wax or the hottest pepper eating event in Hell, Minisota (okay we made that one up) but there is the world Chile, green chili and Salsa competition every year.   So who goes to theses interesting events? We Do. So At postcardjourneys and postcardjourneysevents we wander about the various fairs, markets, shows and more,  to bring you a window to see what great events are going on in your area or around the country.  We know, it’s tough but someone needed to do it…
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  some-where fun?   An event of unimaginable proportions?  Have a good time at the turnip festival?  The antique hubcap show? ( a world event  for sure) Maybe the pop corn ball festival?  Take lots pictures? Saw something that was just OMG?  Send it in.  This is a place where we care to share event and festivities from just about everywhere.  Contact  us (email) for info on requirements and the no-no’s .
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Find any event anywhere in the country.  Just use our convenient search engine to find anything from cook offs to garden shows.  Never be at a loss to do something because when you check in a Postcard Events you will always find something to do no matter where you are.

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The door (okay window) is always open so if couldn’t make the baked olive festival or the French 500 Flea market, don’t worry we did. If we missed your favorite event  contact us and tell us what we missed or what you would like to see and by gosh we will try to get-r done  for you.