About Us

This site is dedicated to Grandma Harding 1895-1984.

Though well traveled Grandma never owned a camera. But she did keep memories, she would purchase postcards, and why not, she could not take as good of pictures. Even today, with digital photography and digital imaging programs most people can’t out-do the old postcard.
So welcome to post card journeys were two worlds collide. One the traveler or potential traveler who can get access to information, tips ideas etc about places near and far, via the travel forum (are there any good (and not to expensive) hotels in Northern Thailand?) and through various links that we have tried and found useful.
The second world herein is for the photographer, amateur to pro, who wants to share ideas , tips and photos, or looking for feedback on equipment and locations lighting, who knows what  the forum will have going.  So come on in, check out the photo section and see what people are doing in the world.