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Burma:  Officially the Union of Myanmar is bordered by the People's Republic of China on the northeast, Laos on the east, Thailand on the southeast, Bangladesh on the west, India on the northwest, the Bay of Bengal to the southwest with the Gulf of Martaban and Andaman Sea to the south.

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Nestled in between Thailand and Vietnam this warm friendly country is home to one of the most interesting and beautiful places on earth, Angkor Wat. Angkor Thom and the surrounding temples were backdrops to           movies such as Indiana Jones, Laura Croft Tomb Raider and Buckeroo Banzia .

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  Appearing modern and bustling, there is still an exotic ancient feel to this country with almost 20% of the worlds population. Very different from the west, traveling is an adventure for those who don’t know the language.

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Costa Rica
Costa Rica:  A great sunny place to vacation, fish, jungle cruise, golf, kayaking or rafting and yes hang from a cable and play “medicine man”  like Sean Connery.  It is a natural paradise and more people are retiring in Costa Rica.  

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Germany:  I didn’t get to spend much time here, so I hope someone will step up and post some more pictures.  I do have some great shots of the Munchin Hall (beer garden, actually big enough to be a beer forest) in Hanover.  The high speed train from Belgium to Hanover through the country side is like a trip through a movie set.

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Italy:  Fast cars, small cars, great food, and more sites to see than are possible, even if you're born there and lived to be 100.  Great place to travel around and sight see, people watch and eat.  Enjoy the great architecture, history, beautiful landscapes and people.

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Laos:  Known as the Jewel of the Mekong. Laos is surrounded by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, and Burma. Laos is a mountainous country, especially in the north, where peaks rise above 9,000 ft.

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Mexico:  Or as the Americans say “ South of the Border”. The country is alive and rich with culture that varies greatly from region to region, as with any country, if you explore inland from the border. There are the white sand beaches to the Mayan and Aztec ruins for exploring.

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The Amazon River is the world's second longest river. Only the Nile, in Africa, is longer.    The Amazon river banks are home to many forms of exotic wildlife only found in that part of the world. jaguars, parrots, macaws,  toucans, anaconda snakes  and the dreaded piranha fish  are just a few.

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Thailand:  Bangkok is a very metropolitan city that is on the go 24/7.  Transportation on the Skytrain and the river taxies is a great adventure as well as a great way to get around.  There are lots of sights to see and The Grand Palace and the royal temple of Phra Kaew should not be missed.

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Vietnam:  Saigon-Also known as "Ho Chi Minh City" named after its North Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh is located on the Sai Gon River somewhat northeast of the Mekong River Delta.    It is Vietnam's main port and an important commercial and industrial center. 

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