Shows  Around The USA

Alaska:  The 49th state, the largest state, the state that no one cared about until Sarah Palin hit the scene.  Aside from the oil and fishing industry Tourism is big business. And they do it well, sourdoughs (Alaskans) are very proud of their state.

Alaska Destination Guide

Arizona:    With nearly five million visitors a year the Grand Canyon remains one of the most popular vacation spots in the United States today.  The most visited spot in the canyon is the South Rim where you'll fine the Grand Canyon Village which is open year around.

Arizona Destination Guide 

California:  In Northern California be sure to visit San Francisco.  Fisherman's Wharf is a great place for those who love to shop and enjoy fine dining.  After that take a walk on China Beach  with a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge.

California Destination Guide 

Florida:  Covering over 500 acres "Disney 's Animal Kingdom" is the largest Disney Theme Park in the world.  Dedicated to animal conservation  it forms the forth Disney theme park in Orlando, Florida.

Florida Destination Guide 

Illinois:  The land of Lincoln!  Start just outside of St. Louis, Mo. and travel northbound on Route 66 through the state of Illinois towards Springfield, the gravesite of Abe Lincoln.  After you arrive in Springfield just follow the signs and you will be directed to Lincoln's Tomb. 

Illinois Destination Guide 

Maine:  if you’re a Steven King fan this place will be creepy for the first day or so, especially if you have seen any of the movies with the Maine accent.  The nooks and crannies of all the little ports (such as Port Clyde) and fishing towns are a great place to explore. 

Maine Destination Guide 

Missouri:  Can you count how many songs have been written about Kansas City--more than you want to remember.  When you visit the city be sure to go shopping in the Kansas City Plaza area.  This particular area has a bit of the Old Spanish influence in its' architecture and street design. 

Missouri Destination Guide 

Nevada:  Too much to do for a short getaway.  Every time you come to Las Vegas you will see something new.  Little wonder that people return to this playground year after year to have a good time. 

Nevada Destination Guide 

New Mexico

Artists, free spirits, balloon enthusiast, skiers and hikers all love this state for it’s diversity of cultures and food.

New Mexico Destination Guide 

Ohio: Ohio  is world know for it's miles of rolling cornfields, colder than you know what winters, country cooking, pure friendly country folk, and the same type of social events your Grandma used to take you to.  Be sure to visit Bob Evans Farms for a taste of the good old fashioned country life.

Ohio Destination Guide 

Pennsylvania:  Pittsburgh Pennsylvania is a town of many names. Known as "The City of Bridges", Steel City, The Smokey City, City of Champions, and several others.  The city's motto is "Benigo Numine" translated to mean "By the favor of heaven." 

Pennsylvania Destination Guide 

South Dakota
South Dakota:  Mount Rushmore National Memorial.  The four presidents carved in stone side by side, Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt.  Over three million visitors a year from around the world come to visit this memorial located in the black hills country of South Dakota.

South Dakota Destination Guide 


Texas Art Car Parade Houston.  Technically the “Orange Show Center for Visionary Arts”

This is one of the biggest art car events in the USA. What is an art car you ask…click in and see.

Texas Destination Guide 

Utah:  The State of Utah was the 45th state admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896. Approximately 80 percent of Utah's 2,736,424 people live  around Salt Lake City. In contrast, vast expanses of the state are nearly uninhabited.

Utah Destination Guide 


On the water and famous for the being ground zero for the coffee explosion that   has seen little coffee house’s spring up all over the country, Seattle is also the   home of the “Space Needle” and Pike Place market.

Washington Destination Guide 

Washington DC

The Capital of the United States, Washington DC or more correctly the “District   of Columbia” is home to many of the national treasures, museums, etc. There are     many things to do and see that aren’t political in nature. But a trip to see the White House or the Capital building is awe inspiring.

Washington D.C. Destination Guide 

West Virginia
West Virginia:  If you are the outdoors type then you will love all the wonders of nature in West Virginia.  A hunters paradise, West Virginia abounds in wildlife. Rabbits, squirrels, ducks, quail, coots , and many others. 

West Virginia Destination Guide 

Wyoming:  Yellowstone National Park!  Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho Yellowstone National Park became American's first national in 1872.Yellowstone Park has become home to a varsity of wildlife including grizzly bear, wolves, buffalo, elk, and antelope. 

Wyoming Destination Guide